Marriage Preparation & Enrichment

A successful marriage is much more than simply finding the right person– it is about being the right person. At Seasons Counseling, we realize that it takes much more than passion to have a rich, fulfilling life together with the person you love.

Equipping Your Marriage

Our program

The Marriage Preparation Program makes the most of pre-marital counseling time by utilizing Prepare/Enrich, a comprehensive couple assessment tool, to jumpstart the process. Our program generally consists of three sessions for the couple. During the meeting with the therapist, the couple will discuss the Prepare/Enrich inventory results and other relevant matters. 

Results of the sessions can then be shared with a clergy member if the couple so desires and signs the release of information form. In addition to the standard session fees, there is also a $30 fee for the Prepare/Enrich Inventory.

Prepare & Enrich

Helping you grow

Prepare/Enrich is a proven method that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas based on input provided by the couple through an online inventory. The inventory is completed privately, at the convenience of the couple, allowing them to respond thoughtfully without consuming valuable counseling time. Based on the results of this assessment, the therapist provides feedback to help the couple discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.

The Program Specifically Addresses:

  • Exploration of strength and growth areas
  • Strengthening of communication skills
  • Identifying and managing major stressors
  • Resolution of conflict
  • Development of a more balanced relationship
  • Exploration of family of origin issues
  • Discussion of financial planning and budgeting
  • Establishment of personal, couple and family goals
  • Understanding and appreciation of personality differences.

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